• About Us

  • The Branford Democratic Town Committee promotes the ideals of the Democratic Party and helps to elect qualified Democratic candidates to public office.

    As Democrats, we believe that cooperation is better than conflict, unity is better than division, empowerment is better than resentment, and bridges are better than walls.

    According to our Bylaws, the DTC consists of 11 Members from each of Branford’s 7 Voting Districts as well as 30 At-Large Members. For the 2019–2020 term,

    When Do We Meet?
    The Democratic Town Committee meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month. The meetings are held at 7:00–8:00pm in the Conference Room at the Branford Fire Headquarters at 45 North Main Street. (If the date or location changes on any given month, then we send out a message to our e-mail list subscribers and update our calendar on the DTC website.

    Who Participates in the Meetings?
    Branford DTC Members represent all of the town’s 7 Voting Districts. They are elected to office by the current Members of their District and then confirmed by a vote of the entire DTC Membership.

    Our current District Chairs are:
    District 1: Mike Leone, Co-Chair and Lynn Saltz, Co-Chair;
    District 2: Susan Torre, Chair;
    District 3: Chris Collins, Chair;
    District 4: Marleen Cenotti, Chair;
    District 5: Chris Simpson, Chair;
    District 6: Chad Edgar, Chair;
    District 7: Pam Roy, Chair.

    New Members Are Always Welcome!
    If you are a registered Democrat and would like to join the DTC, sign up here to get involved or attend one of our regular meetings.

    The DTC Executive Committee is made up of the Chair, two Vice Chairs, Secretary, and Treasurer.
    For the 2019–2020 term, the officers are:
    Lynda Mollow, Chair;
    Tom Brockett, Vice Chair;
    Sarah Lockery, Vice Chair;
    Melissa Funaro, Secretary;
    Maggie Bruno, Treasurer.

    Standing committees do much of the work of the DTC:

    • Communications & Outreach Committee
    Creates and manages all DTC communication, digital content, and correspondence.

    • Issues and Strategy
    Analyzes trends and identifies strategies for election planning.
    Current DTC Members

    • Nominating Committee
    The nominating committee works to enlist democrats to run for local office.

    For the 2019–2020 term, Members are:

    District 1
    Lynn Saltz
    Jack Ahern
    Margaret Bruno
    Jessica Buchanan
    Anthony Chieffo
    Alpha Coiro
    Michael Leone
    Sarah Lockery
    James Perito
    Kate Rooney
    Clare Torelli
    Jacey Wyatt
    Leah Ahern, At-Large
    Lisa Parrett Ahern, At-Large
    Andrew Campbell, At-Large
    Robert Franchini, At-Large
    Joseph Herget, At-Large
    Joan Kreider, At-Large
    Leo Stanlake, At-Large

    District 2
    Susan Torre
    Ann Baker
    Penny Bellamy
    Becky DeAngelo
    Connie Drysdale
    Ray Dunbar
    DeeDee Hakun
    Daniels Hally
    Dennis Kelly
    Marie Kelly
    Mark Mitchell
    Allison Ross, At-Large
    Cinda Cash Walsh, At-Large

    District 3
    Chris Collins
    Ali Abulugma
    Wanda Bubriski
    Robin Comey
    Linda Erlanger
    Melissa Funaro
    Curt Johnson
    Mary-Jane Kenley
    Shirley McCarthy
    David Perkins
    Catherine Jackson
    Eiman Abulugma, At-Large
    Richard Hill, At-Large
    Peter Jackson, At-Large
    Joe Schiffer, At-Large
    Keith Sittnick, At-Large
    Sarah Sorenson, At-Large

    District 4
    Maryann Amore
    Marleen Cenotti
    Dan Adelman
    Ram Bhandari
    Roberta Gill Brooks
    Ted Brooks
    Dorothy Docknevich
    Mary Lewis
    Cindy Lombardi
    Gauri Sharma
    Andy Wight

    District 5
    Mary Jo Riddle
    Maryanne Hall
    Rick Pittman
    Randolph Reinhold
    Rita Berkson
    Debbie Siegel
    Lou Siegel
    Chris Simpson
    Bruce Storm
    Maria Storm
    Jane Novick
    Issak Aronson, At-Large
    Kathleen Fox, At-Large
    Judy Miller, At-Large
    Virginia McDonald Page, At-Large
    Lonnie Reed, At-Large
    Susan Solomon, At-Large

    District 6
    Ellen Michaels
    Chad Edgar
    Judith Freed
    John Prins
    Chris Sullivan
    Sandra Brockett
    Ruth Prins
    Tom Poplawski
    Emily Santos-Poplawski

    District 7
    Pam Roy
    Stephanie Farber
    Nan Birdwhistell
    Thomas Brockett
    Victor Cassella
    Susan Dahill
    AJ Milici
    Lynda Mollow
    Jay Pottenger
    Charles Tiernan
    Fran Walsh